NAMI Virtual Walk 2020

This is the weekend I would normally be walking with my friends from NAMI North Central Massachusetts at Artesani Park near Boston as part of our annual 2020 NAMI Walk. This whole global pandemic has put the kibosh on that idea, but the need still exists, so we will be walking virtually this year.

I’ve spent the last couple of months cooped up at home, but to keep occupied, I have participated the the Worldwide Teddy Bear Scavenger Hunt, the opportunity for all of us to distract ourselves when we are out and about, searching for teddy bears at the window.

This weekend, to celebrate the Walk, I will be seeing how many miles I can rack up with my Zoom Meeting account and other methods. I’ll let you know how it goes. To follow along, watch the comments below.

Donations to this important cause are greatly appreciated:

It’s only noon and I have already put 71 miles on my Zoom account with a meeting with my friend in Marshfield, Massachusetts.

Between my neighborhood walk and bike ride, I put in more than 3 miles. That makes 74.

And another 8 miles on the stationary bike. Up to 82.

Just had a Zoom call with my friend’s wife. That makes another 0.00757 miles. Total is now 82.00757.

9 more. Zoom call with one of my top ten favorite family members. Up to 91.00757.

Bike ride. 4 miles. 95.00757.

FaceTime call to Glendale, Arizona. (It’s hot there now.) 2,604 miles. Broke 100. Yeah! Total is 2,699.00757.

There was another person on the Glendale event, so 9 more. Sorry about that, top-ten family member. 2,708.00757.

Walk to the post office. 2,709.00757.

One last walk. Another mile. Then 11 more on the stationary bike. Grand total is 3,041.00757 miles. Thank you all for your support for this important cause. It’s not too late to make a donation.