Patricia’s New Book

My daughter Patricia Larsted published her third book on March 15, 2024. This one is called Living Through the Dark.

The back cover says:

Life is difficult when you’re a young person. Add neurodivergence, OCD, and a touch of schizoaffective disorder, and you get a cocktail of unbearableness to the point of unaliving. 14 year old Patricia Larsted tried to do just that. But life had other plans for her, including graduating college, learning to drive, and now becoming a “world famous” author. Follow Patricia as she works through the first 31 years of her life in a free form poem that has been in the works since her father, Bob, published a book about her in 2013.

It captures the essence of what she was going through as I watched her try to survive.

I’m very proud of her. It’s a great book.